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Ford Transit Hykee Replock


A direct replacement high security anti-pick cylinder that prevents thieves from picking the driver’s door open to gain access to the vehicle. From here they can steal the car/van in its entirety by overriding the immobiliser via the OBD socket or empty the contents from the unlocked load area.

Thieves are picking the driver’s door lock, gaining access without causing damage then they are plugging a device into the OBD socket which bypasses the immobiliser, then driving away in the vehicle.

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Our Unique, Direct Replacement High Security Door Lock (Hykee RepLock) replaces the vulnerable OE Lock on the driver's door and requires no drilling or adjusting of the OE mechanism setup. This device is fitted in 15 minutes and prevents this type of attack. This product is available for all new Ford commercial vehicles and cars. 

Why waste time fitting a cover that will not protect you from this method of attack?


Key Features:

  • Direct Replacement for the OE lock makes installation easy
  • High Security, Anti Drill & Pick Resistant Maintenance Free Cylinder
  • Instant Protection from Lock Pick Tools
  • Get fitted the prefect solution to theft in 15 minutes 
  • Designed specifically for the Ford Transit, Connect, and Custom
  • Theft deterrent


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